Moroni 7:47

"But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him."
-Moroni 7:47

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 4 - Bowl of Spaghetti


We survived our first week here! Some of you are wondering what we are doing in Africa so I have included a brief summery of the program we are involved in.

Our purpose here is to be advocates for Self Reliance. The program the Church has established is founded on the principle that the spiritual and the temporal are one. Those interested in improving themselves start with a self evaluation, answering 15 questions about their lives. If they want to improve their SR then they chose to join one of three groups: Education for Better Work, Find a Job, or Start and Grow My Own Business. Twelve spiritual messages parallel twelve lessons in each of the three areas. Students have the opportunity to apply for a Perpetual Education Fund loan at the end of the 12 week course which will help them pursue their goals. Our purpose is to teach them self reliance by helping them teach self reliance to each other. Does that make sense?

Here are some Week #1 adventures.

Missionary Name Tags
After some SR training on Monday we decided to explore a nearby shopping area. Walking back to the apartment we passed a crash between an bus and a car. No one appeared to be injured, but the traffic was backed up for several blocks so we started letting people know what the problem was so they would have the option to turn around. As we talked to drivers we noticed that they would look at our missionary name tags. it made us realize that we can always be an influence for good.

On Tuesday we travelled to the west side of the city. (We live on the east side, by the airport.) Kaneshie Stake has a SR Center and Michael, a volunteer at the Center is training us. Michael has a wife and three children. He graduated from college in Business Marketing but doesn't have a job right now. Our goal is to meet as many Bishops and Stake Presidents as possible, so we can be a resource for them. There are 5 Stakes and 2 Districts in Accra West Mission.

Lost and Found
We met some leaders Tuesday evening but as a result we had to drive home in the dark. No GPS, no compass and no phone. Just faith and a very general map of the area. We thought we were doing pretty well until we hit a construction site and a major bus terminal with literally thousands of people. We got turned around and pretty soon we were officially lost!!! 
How do I explain getting lost in Accra? It would be like being thrown into the bottom of a bowl of spaghetti and being told to find the noodle that takes you to the top of the bowl.

Then a tender mercy from the Lord, as a young couple noticed us looking at a map (no one uses maps here), they led us through the spaghetti bowl to a major road, where we were able to find our way home. A great example of how the Lord protects his missionaries. And a wonderful example of the Goodness in Ghana.

During our companion scripture study the next morning we read in Alma 37:42 "therefore they tarried in the wilderness or did not travel a direct course and were afflicted with hunger and thirst because of their afflictions..." That was us, we had a good laugh!!!! Actually verses 40-47 teach some great truths about faith leading to miracles.

Saturday we attended the Temple here. It is hard to express what we saw and felt. The Ghanaian Saints are so faithful and humble. It is a privilege to be here and learn from them.

The Companionship
We work out every morning.  I am grateful my comp will turn around and jog back to me, so I don't get too far behind him... I don't want to get lost in that bowl of spaghetti again! 

The pictures show two example of how Ghanains do business on the street. They are so skilled at carrying heavy loads on their heads. We find it quite entertaining to watch as we sit in the traffic.

Love and sunshine from Ghana,

Kerry and Annie

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