Moroni 7:47

"But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him."
-Moroni 7:47

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 6 - Harmattan

Etesen? (How are you?)
Mehoyie (I am well)

Tis the Season....the north wind did blow and we did get...DUST! The beginning of the Harmattan winds which blow off the Sahara Dessert began on Tuesday. We can tell a difference in the air quality, it is hazy, windy and a smidge cooler. These conditions last for a couple of months

Even though we are not directly involved with proselyting we helped at the mission office on Monday verifying baptism records. Last weekend there were 40 baptisms in our mission. We attended one of them.

On Tuesday we began a four day road trip, this time to Takoradi; a four hour drive from Accra (no freeways here). We met some wonderful individuals and learned about more goodness in Ghana.
Sister Agnes Asante Asaire, 80 years old, has a food business. With all the competition she looked for an unfilled niche where her business could flourish. She discovered that other food vendors were selling Tilapia in the evening for dinner. She began selling it in the afternoon. Bingo! Her sales increased. She also serves a variety of soups, meats and fish, and delivers meals to customers. To keep her customers returning, she occasionally gives free fruit or candy. But that's not all! She won't buy on credit, so over the years she invested her profit and was able to buy a freezer. Her husband sells blocks of ice to the fish sellers. He also employs women to sell water sachets on the streets. Agnes understands that most people are not disciplined enough to save their money (this is a cash economy) so she does not pay her employees their full wage every day. Instead she keeps most of their paycheck until the end of the month, so they can pay bills, and honor their commitment to her. What a business woman! She is thinking of retiring in a few years...The Self Reliance classes teach all the principles Sister Asaire practices. We met four others with equally impressive stories.

   Ghanaian Culture fascinates me!  I have loved learning about birth, marriage, death, lifestyle, men and women's roles, and politics. Some of their culture carries over into the Church too. One of my favorites is how beautifully they sing the hymns acappella. Unlike many Americans Elder Lambert has been adventurous, eating a wide variety of local foods, including something known as "red red". It has been fun to try these new dishes but most are too hot for me!

Love to you all,
Elder and Sister Lambert

Sister Asaire with her husband, Pres. Tandoh, Peter Aidoo (SR Coordinator), Sister Lambert. 
Tilapia with kenki before Elder Lambert ate it... eyeballs and all!

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