Moroni 7:47

"But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him."
-Moroni 7:47

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 3 - Toto, We're Not in Kamas Anymore!


We are definitely not in Kamas any more!!!!

On our path down the yellow brick road we have had some wonderful experiences at the. MTC and the training we received at the Church Office Building. We left, knowing that The Lord is directing this great work in His way and in His time. The power of the Spirit testified the importance of the work of Self Reliance. As the Brethren were working on this initiative President Hinckley would ponder the progress and then say "That's not how I saw it" so they would go back and rework the initiative. It's an interesting problem- how to get people to help themselves.....

So, we have finally arrived in Ghana, 5 months after receiving our call.
First impressions.... Hot and humid, traffic jams, colorful flowers, many people selling a large variety of items on the streets,
Now 48 hours later we feel a little more knowledgeable to add to that perspective.
On Friday after meeting President Hill (our mission Pres.) we went to the Area office, adjacent to the Temple, and met several people we will be working with. We were given keys to a car and the office couple, the Keeles took us to our apartment. From there we went shopping with another couple, the Binghams to gather some basic supplies for the pantry and fridge.  The couple missionaries are so supportive.

What you need to understand about the roads here is that there are no real traffic laws which are obeyed and its "all for one and one for all"! With motorcycles weaving through traffic and people selling their wares between the lanes it makes for adventurous navigating! 
On Saturday we attended a mission Conference, which was also a memorial for Sister Hill, the President's wife who died last Sunday due to complications during surgery. It was a tender meeting with President Hill sitting between his AP's, arms wrapped around each other. He comforting them and then they in turn supporting him. Sister Hill was loved by everyone and I am sad we never had the opportunity to meet her. Her motto was "I can do hard things" (sounds familiar!) She will be buried in Ogden, Utah this coming week, then Pres.Hill will return to Ghana and finish his mission in January.

Today we attended a branch of the Church in the community of Adoagyiri, an hour from Accra.  I met Jerry and George, pictured below. It was an interesting experience because they sing the hymns in English but most of the talking/discussion is in Twi (tribal language) with the occasional English sentence thrown in to keep us informed as to what is being discussed.

Tomorrow- we have meetings at the Area office and I will attend a scripture study session with all the wives.

Cultural Highlights:
  • Akwaaba = welcome
  • It amazes us what they carry on their heads. I will have to take pictures...
  • Tro-tro is the name for vans which are used as public transportation. there are LOTS of to-tros!
  • "Obrornie" = white person

Goodness in Ghana:
  • The Ghanains are a handsome people, the children are so beautiful
  • Their smiles light up their faces
  • Everyone is friendly
  • I love the colors of the women's native dresses

The companionship: (Elder Lambert writing now) This is certainly not Kamas any more and in some ways is as strange and scary to us as the land of Oz was to Dorothy. It is good to have my source of strength and stability by my side. Your mom has been awesome as usual. I will let you decide if she is the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion, the Good Witch of the West or the Wicked Witch of the North. 

Spread the Goodness!
Elder and Sister Lambert 


  1. It makes us happy to see you both happy in your service. We knew the Hills in Louisiana, so sorry to hear about Raelene's passing. Enjoy the new adventure, you two will be great!

    1. Thanks for your love and friendship Karen!