Moroni 7:47

"But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him."
-Moroni 7:47

Friday, July 1, 2016

Week 35 - Open Your Mouth

Hello Everyone,

Last week I mentioned the rainy season has started, now it is definitely upon us. We have had rain nearly every day this week and some of these storms have been massive! Thanks to the British civil engineers many decades ago, the drainage system works great to carry all the water away, but where there are no gutters the rain runs down the streets in torrents. After church today we had to choose a different way out of Anyaa because the road was a river!!!!

This week I attended a great session of Sister Scripture Study. We each did a "quick write" on the topic "What does it mean to open your mouth?" D&C 60:2 and D&C 30:11. Opening our mouth in this sense means to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ whenever and wherever we are. In Ghana I have found it easy to do this because the people here have a strong Christian background, and it is not uncomfortable to talk about religion because they are so faith-filled. As we interact with them their eyes are naturally drawn to our missionary name tags, and noticing this I can open my mouth and ask them what they know about the church, explain our purpose here or share a brief testimony. As a result of one of these encounters our friend Larbi, who we referred on for the young missionaries to teach, will be baptized on June 25th. He is a humble, soft spoken individual who asks some great doctrinal questions. Having a solid foundation in the Bible, he is now discovering the Book of Mormon truly is a second testament of Jesus Christ and it is answering his questions.  We are so happy for him :)

This week in our visits we met Eunice Abajie. This is her story which we shared with our SR manager...

"After meeting the missionaries at the apartment where she lived Sister Eunice Abajie joined the church in 2005, and along with her husband has raised four righteous children. In February 2016 she purchased a two year contract at Abeka Market where she sells a variety of products including clothing, minerals, biscuits and pure water. She has a fridge at home where she freezes water, then during market time she sells the water to other vendors. When asked about the greatest challenges to her business she said transportation. 
Sister Abajie’s talents extend beyond trading, She has become skilled at a hair styling technique called “corn rolls” and offers clients a variety of styles to choose from. She has also trained other women how to do this. Her training comes with a certificate of completion. 
Sister Eunice has had several experiences with the SR program at different stages of it’s development. When asked about savings she happily showed us her insurance and saving booklets. Using this money she hopes to grow her business by wholesaling things such as biscuits. She would also like to have electricity in her cubicle, for lighting and operation of a freezer."

With no SR meetings this week we have been able to attend the temple, and also spent an afternoon at the MTC. Here   we helped missionaries with their family history, and watched some intense soccer playing skills during their exercise time! We love the energy of these young people. The three in the picture below will be joining us in the Accra West mission in another week.

Being interested in the temperatures here we looked everywhere to buy a thermometer but couldn't find one. I think they just know the temperature is "hot" so why would you need a thermometer?!!  Well, thanks to the Hatch family we can now say with scientific proof just how hot it is. And this morning we have a new low at 76F and 89% relative humidity. The scary thing is it actually feels "cold"!!!! Think we've acclimated?

Did I mention we love this experience? We do, we really do!!!

Elder and Sister Lambert

Pictures: Eunice Abajie (zoom in on the corn rolls!)
               Blade, he's wearing your shirt!
               With Elder Dall and Mugisha at Anyaa branch

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