Moroni 7:47

"But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him."
-Moroni 7:47

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 12 - Africa is Life Changing

Hello family and friends,
     Well there are at least two things you can always count on in Ghana; the weather (hot and humid) and  bad roads, Although, I must admit some of our favorite potholes are disappearing. On Sunday, on our drive out to New Gbawe Branch we always meet a couple of guys filling in the holes. We think they just do it to make some extra money off the passing motorists. We aways give them some money and encourage them to 'keep up the good work."

     Last Monday Sister Lambert led the discussion at Sister Scripture Study. We are studying the Doctrine and Covenants Institute course this year. As is always the case this teacher got far more out of the lesson than anyone else.

     We are getting acquainted with the security guards, and the gals who clean the halls and stairs at our new apartment complex. Georgina sings as she mops the floors, and her voice echoes through the tile floored concourses. She makes our mornings bright! Emmanuel is one of the guards. He asked for something religious to read so we gave him a Book of Mormon. He has a friend who also wanted to read, so Elder Lambert got the friend a book too. Emmanuel is often reading the BOM as we drive in or out of the complex. We have invited him to view some Mormon Message videos with us.

     During the week we recruited five of these workers to sample our banana bread in the courtyard of the complex. Elder Lambert had explained to them our purpose for being in Ghana and we wanted to know if banana bread might make a good business for our members here. They each gave a positive response to the taste testing and included many of their own ideas in how we could market it. It became a lively discussion and we returned to the apartment with an empty plate and good feelings about another business possibility.

     President Snow has asked us to tackle a few new assignments in the mission office to help the office couple. The Keeles are from Castledale, Utah; Elder Keele was an engineer at some of the power plants in Central Utah. Sister Keele taught school. They have become wonderful friends.

      On Saturday, Sister Lambert joined five other sisters at a batik class. It was awesome! I have always wanted to try this and now I am hooked! The process entailed stamping a white piece of fabric with a wax covered stamp, then dyeing it, letting the fabric dry, then re-stamping and dyeing it again. We were able to apply many gospel principles to the experience including the creation, the Atonement, faith, and mercy. Sister N'Goran from Cote d'Ivoire made a beautiful tablecloth with the message "Africa is Life Changing." ....I couldn't agree more.

Love and hugs to everyone,
Elder and Sister Lambert

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